Getting the Most Out of Google Analytics

Are you finding it hectic to keep track of your website’s performance in the search engines? Well, Google has an integrated service particularly for SEO marketers out there who are worried about their website’s performance.

Google Analytics has a powerful and effective set of tools that keep track of your site’s success for all search results. As part of the Google Marketing Platform, Google Analytics gives you a better understanding of how your site’s visitors engage with and react to content on your website.

And it isn’t just used to show where traffic is originating from and statistics about your site—what many don’t know is that you can also use Google Analytics to examine your site, boost your traffic, and engage on visitors.

There is a free and a paid version of Google Analytics. The paid version is called Analytics 360. Small and medium-sized businesses will likely get all the features marketers need from the free version, but larger enterprise businesses often upgrade to Analytics 360 to gain access to:

  • advanced funnel reporting and attribution modeling.
  • roll-up reporting.
  • more views, dimensions, and metrics per property.
  • unlimited and unsampled data.

The paid version also gives you access to dedicated support, including your own account manager. This alone can make the subscription fee worth it.

We’ve provided access to this useful Google Analytics Cheat Sheet to guide you to leverage the data you amass and to discover the insights that are most actionable for your business.

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