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Be A Happy Brand

UnknownYou learn that creating customer loyalty is neither strategic nor tactic; rather, it is the ultimate objective and meaning of brand equity. Brand loyalty is brand equity.” Daryl Travis, Emotional Branding

Brands which display happy characteristics connect better with consumers. “Being associated with happiness helps build stronger emotional connections between consumers’ memory structures and the brand,” says Steve Hastings, planning partner and co-founder at Isobel. “A happy brand is a successful brand: it is better recalled, better liked and chosen more often.”

According to Isobel, happy brands are determined by five core characteristics: whether they are: playful, happy, trustworthy, generous and optimistic. “We felt these five values explained a lot of the differences in the way that people would consider a brand to be happy or not happy,” says Hastings. “We think that brands facilitate happiness in a short-term instant gratification way but also longer-term by reinforcing a consumer’s personal identity and making them feel better about the world.”

Brands can activate happiness. Brands can influence people’s sense of wellbeing by empowering them to be more active in all aspects of their lives. The Mood of the Nation research found that being active (as people, consumers and citizens) is the biggest contributing factor to improving wellbeing: 74% of people with above the average level of being active are happy. And there are rewards for brands too:

  • Happier people are more active as consumers: 86% of people with above the average levels of happiness are active
  • Active people are more likely to be happy with brands and are also more receptive to advertising and sponsorship
  • And sometimes, just random acts of kindness can boost the mood: one in three people answered that in the past month somebody did something simple that improved their    mood.


Brands can make people happy through ethical business practices, through addressing their target audience’s expectations by bringing elements that make their customers happy to the top of the agenda, and sometimes through unexpected acts of kindness. It pays off having happy, empowered customers. Let us know what you think and as always stay #TopRight.

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