Bill Fasig interviews Harmandeep Singh as part of the Transformational Marketing Video Series

Harmandeep Singh Transformational Marketer Interview

“If we could create a tangible version of all those ideas and people can see and touch what we’re trying to do, it’s going to be a lot more convincing.”

-Harmandeep Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Building Clarity

The Transformational Marketers Interview Series features marketing leaders that are working to drive change in their industries, business models, and organizations. During these brief interviews, successful leaders share how they practice Transformational Marketing to lead company-wide change, altering how they market, communicate and engage with their customers.

By reshaping their story, driving change in their industries, and redefining relationships with their customers, these transformative leaders build valuable customer experiences and transform customers into brand advocates.

Listen to Episode 14 of the Transformational Marketers Interview Series and learn from Harmandeep Singh, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer of Building Clarity. Harmandeep shares his experience with transformation within his organization and how he managed to drive this change top-down.

Harmandeep helps identify where you need to start when trying to transform your company—and the challenges.  Interested in hearing more about steps to transforming your company? Listen to the interview below.

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Episode 14: Harmandeep Singh – Seeing is Believing

Harmandeep Singh is the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at Brady Services and the Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Building Clarity, a building solutions technology company. With an MBA from London Business School, Harmandeep first came to Brady in 2014 through an exchange program at Duke’s Fuqua School of Business. Harmandeep brings with him global knowledge and experience of business development, innovation management, team building, and technology implementation in the building services industry. He held various roles with Pacific Controls, Trane and Ingersoll Rand, and now focuses on managing strategic partnerships and accelerating Brady’s innovation agenda.

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Read the full transcript of Bill Fasig’s interview with Harmandeep Singh.

Bill Fasig: Walk me through what you saw, experienced, and learned about the power of using the Story to shape the Strategy, both for Brady and now for Building Clarity.

Harmandeep Singh: Absolutely. So you know Brady is a 55-year-old company. We have been very successful the past 55 years. Today is the moment when we are going through a huge transformation. It’s transformational for Brand. It’s transformational for Story. It’s the transformation for Brady into the Brady company of the future.

What we try to do with Building Clarity is craft a simple yet compelling story as to why we need to transform. So having the “why” clear was the first thing. And then what we decided to do was to over-communicate that whole “why” by a factor of 10 at the least. So that at every given opportunity for the last year, year and a half, we have been pitching to our associates internally as well as to our customers externally as to why Brady is transforming.

We used to use this phrase: “We are a building services company leveraging technology now. We want to be your technology company in the field of building services.”

Fasig: You have to have simplicity, clarity and alignment in the Story and the Strategy and the Systems — that’s transformational marketing. How have you led through that? What have you learned that viewers can say, “Okay, I’m going through a similar thing.” What are some of the takeaways you have experienced yourself?

Singh: Let me start with the challenges first. You know, I think sometimes, whether we realize it or not, our successes become our biggest challenge. Brady had been so successful for the past so many years that whenever you talk about trying to change some things, we always got a huge pushback — this was all internal. The challenges weren’t really external, they were primarily internal to us.

The mantra we have with dealing with these challenges is: focus on just two or three keystone behaviors, which are going to be the most impactful for the people around you. The ones that we use, and especially the ones related to marketing, is “seeing is believing.” Instead of sharing all the big picture, intangible ideas of the world, if we could create a tangible version of all those ideas and people can see and feel and can kind of touch what they are trying to do… It is going to be a lot more convincing than just trying to communicate the idea.