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"Hats Off"

UnknownThe 2014 awards season is kicking into high gear with the Grammy Awards being the latest to take social media by storm. As of late, it seems the trend is to skip the telecast and follow the action through Twitter. And, of course, that means brands are hunkered down in their social command centers, ready for duty.

If there was one big winner at last night’s Grammy Awards that was even more surprising than Daft Punk getting Album of the Year, it was Arby’s scoring the tweet of the night. The sandwich chain’s post about Daft Punk collaborator Pharrell Williams’ topper (“Hey @Pharrell, can we have our hat back?”) was a responsive-marketing coup de grâce, with 75,000 retweets and more than 40,000 favorites by Monday morning. They were in the right place (Twitter) at the right time (a TV event with over 28 million viewers).

“Hat’s off” to Arby’s for making the most of this moment and proving that brands can participate in real-time marketing without necessarily investing in high-end creative. TV provides moments that are rich with opportunity to listen, learn and engage large groups of users who are actively participating in a single conversation.

Quaker Oats-“Hey @Arbys, did @Pharrell give you that hat back? Still haven’t heard from @Madonna about mine. – Larry #Grammys” jumped in the game calling out Madonna’s style, while others like Secret and Degree felt it appropriate to tweet about armpits.  One of our faves though were the techies at FitBit who tweeted “Grammy winner tip: sit near the back of the room to boost your step count on your way to the podium. You’re welcome. Love @Fitbit #Grammys”.

With the Superbowl coming up and awards season just getting into gear, all brands still have time to  build a content marketing strategy and put the people, process and technology in place to churn out tweet-worthy memes that might get audiences’ attention and get them nominated for the next round of morning after media coverage. Overall, the brand should take advantage of this by putting people, processes and tools in place to establish, nurture and manage a brand presence on social media, including dedicated community managers and a content strategy. Figure out if your target audience watches these shows and how closely they follow related social media conversation. Then listen for themes and trends that relate to your brand and opportunities to take part in the dialogue by engaging with users, creating and curating compelling content.

But when it comes to responsive marketing to celebrity antics, the best a brand can hope for is a response from A-lister him- or herself. And that’s exactly what Arby’s got in the early hours of this morning, when Pharrell asked on Twitter, “Y’all tryna start a roast beef?”Unknown

Give us your best round up of brand tweets over the next few weeks and as always stay #TopRight.

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