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Ready, Set, Ho-Ho-Ho!

Every year, brands worldwide look for ways to ramp up their marketing efforts in preparation for the biggest shopping season of the year. With all the hustle and bustle the holidays bring, brands employ their best advertising tactics to grab consumer attention early and harness the ad opportunities available through various channels like the web and social media.

For most retailers, the holiday shopping season is the “most wonderful time of the year,” there’s no other time of the year when consumers are more bombarded with email and ads promising door-crashing (and site-crashing) low prices and free shipping offers, both in-store and online. With competition fiercer than fierce, here’s are some tips for making or breaking holiday selling success:

  • Communicating your value proposition Ensure your value prop(s) are plastered all over your website and social channels, too. Don’t assume a visitor has noticed them on your home page, many visitors will arrive directly to product pages.
  • Mobile-friendly pages An estimated 66% of email is now opened on mobile devices. Tablets and smartphones are expected to capture 31% share of sales this Black Friday. Many retailers already experience ~50% of their traffic from mobile devices. The importance of mobile optimized sites can not be overstated, and those who have not invested yet will miss out. 
  • Personalization Matching current signals of intent such as customer self-segmentation, campaign and keyword referrals, on-site page views and searches (during holiday period) and even geolocation can help convert customers who are task-oriented and want to shop efficiently.
  • Engage in Social Media Consider this tidbit published recently on Twitter’s blog, discussing how engagement on social media can drive sales. Every year, holiday shopping conversation on Twitter peaks on key days like Black Friday. In November-December 2013, the correlation between conversation about buying TVs on Twitter and sales volume was 0.98 (with -1 indicating no relationship, and 1 indicating a perfect relationship). The results for laptop shopping were similar:  analysis showed a 0.84 correlation between the conversation and sales.

The holiday season is here, sleigh bells are ringing in commercials, stores are shifting their wrapping paper stock toward red and green hues and nearly every brand will attempt to tie in their product with the season. Consumers this holiday season are more mobile, hyperconnected, and review-obsessed than ever before. In a sense, marketing these days is all about keeping up with what customers are already doing.

We are looking forward to seeing some creative campaigns in stores, in the inbox, and on social platforms this year. Let us know what you are looking for and as always stay #TopRight.

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