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Holiday Planning: Facebook Advertising Trends

seasonsDespite the calendar’s quiet transition from Summer to Fall, most retailers are already heads down with holiday planning.  If social advertising is part your mix this season, we recommend checking out this recent report from Nanigans which found that Facebook ads of e-commerce companies last holiday season (November and December) drove twice as many purchases as their ads during the other months of the year.

The season also reflected some significant shifts in consumer behavior.  First, weekends were the peak purchasing days during the holidays, as opposed to Thursdays during the rest of the year.  Regardless of time of year, the hours between 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. ET were the most active for purchases.

Perhaps not surprising since the purchases were made on weekend mornings, the share of e-commerce purchases made on mobile devices increased 140%, to 36% of total purchases, during the 2014 holiday season.

gender-nanigans-220915The third big shift is that outside the holidays, men and women behaved similarly in 2014 on desktop and mobile, with desktop purchase rates slightly higher for both genders.

During the 2014 holiday season, however, purchase behavior changed significantly, with the largest shift being a 233% jump in Facebook desktop advertising driving purchases by men.

The report was based on an analysis of 2014 Facebook advertising activity across in-house advertising teams using Nanigans software, a sample that consists of hundreds of millions of dollars in Facebook ad spend and resulting purchases.

Marketers have long seen distinct behavioral shifts during the holidays, especially in retail but also in other industries.  Being able to anticipate those changes – and the impact of the influx of seasonal participants who do not shop online during the rest of the year – means understanding as many buyer journey patterns as possible – like those found in this survey.

TopRight offers a proprietary research capability that enables the use of social media and other types of on-line marketing to dramatically improve the long term value and profitability of individual customers.   The proven approach identifies customers most likely to respond to marketing efforts and informs development of engaging on-line interactions based on their ability to increase customer value.  This new capability facilitates more effective use of Internet and mobile marketing spend by targeting high value/high potential customers with a portfolio of on-line interactions constructed to build and strengthen customer-brand relationships.  (If you’d like more info on this product, just email Dave Sutton.)

The effectiveness of online advertising on Facebook or any digital media site is a combination of offer, placement strategy, relevance and ubiquity.  Adopting a flexible approach so that you can connect with seasonal audiences even if your plan predictions did not whole anticipate any major shifts in behavior, is essential to keep your business #TopRight.



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