How to Expand into International Markets

Expanding into a new international market can be a powerful way to accelerate growth – when it is backed by rigorous discipline and ruthless consistency in your brand’s Story, Strategy and Systems, as defined below:

Story: The most remarkable brand stories don’t focus on what a company does or the products or services it sells. The most effective brand story clearly answers the question “Why?” — why you do what you do and why it should matter to the customer.

Strategy: How you deliver your story and value proposition to your customers in the right context, and at the right time — i.e. the right “plays” or comprehensive market entry strategy.

Systems: The people, processes and technology that support the execution of your story and strategy. Having the right systems in place will support your distribution and sales network while ensuring that you effectively and seamlessly deliver your products and services.

Learning from some of the world’s most successful brands, such as global clothing retailer, Zara, we have created a five-step process that will help you correctly position your brand in a new market. I outline that process in this article written for Entrepreneur, titled “Here’s how to make your expansion into new markets a success.”

For deeper insight into our 3s – Story, Strategy, Systems methodology, check out my new book, ‘Marketing Interrupted.’