How to Simplify Your Brand Story With Video

Barbara Millett, the Marketing Manager at Peppermint Technology, was trapped in the classic technology product marketing dilemma. She had a great product to market, but it came with a ridiculously complicated story. Making matters worse, her target buyer was one of the most skeptical, judgmental, and discerning audiences out there: lawyers.

Peppermint Technology provides law firms in the United Kingdom with transformative, cloud-based software applications that offer far more functionality than traditional legal and case management software. So much more functionality, in fact, that the Peppermint brand story gets really complicated, really fast. Barbara’s challenge was to provide a simple, clear, and fully aligned expression of Peppermint’s vision, technology, capability, and game-changing value proposition for law firms. Traditional marketing collateral—glossy brochures and product spec sheets—were not going to be sufficient.

She engaged a video marketing expert and together they devised a marketing strategy that featured a suite of four promotional videos to attract early-stage interest (in the Customer BuyWay) of U.K. legal firms. The emphasis was on projecting the “why” of their brand story as well as the “what” and the “how” of the capabilities of the firm. She smartly recognized that all great storytelling begins with giving the audience a reason to care, then a reason to listen, and then a reason to engage. Her overall objective was to make the complex simple, amplifying the appeal for larger law firms to engage with Peppermint and support their digital transformation journey. Take a look at an example of the work:

In this video, Peppermint’s CEO Arlene Adams explains how partnering with Peppermint helps legal services businesses successfully navigate through a firm-wide technology implementation project. She connects with the audience on an emotional level, rather than through rational arguments for feature, functionality, or the cost-benefit of their solutions. By humanizing the brand story in these videos and revealing a path for how the customer can become the hero, Peppermint has simplified their story in a very compelling way. They’ve addressed key objections that buyers may have in their market and clearly articulated the advantages and benefits of their approach. These videos have been deployed across all of their digital channels—website, YouTube, and social media.

The Peppermint story is more proof for how important video has become for engaging with customers. Video has moved to the forefront of marketing strategy development across numerous industries and product categories, as it balances the advancement of technology with unlimited creativity. In fact, according to a recent report from HubSpot Research 54% of customers prefer to see videos from brands they support, rather than email newsletters (46%) or social image content (41%). Additionally, the report states that video is the most memorable content (43%) when compared to images (36%) and text (18%).

The research is clear that producing video content is critical, but in an ever-evolving digital landscape it can be difficult to understand all of the options.

Most importantly, video content should inform and delight your current base while helping attract new customers. If people already want to to jump through the screen, new technologies are allowing them to do something like that.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to determine what type of video marketing will best suit your needs:

  • What do you do differently from your competition?
  • What new tools will enhance your Story, Strategy, and Systems?
  • What video techniques would best align with your Story, Strategy, and Systems?

Video marketing is one of the most effective business communication tools just waiting to be used to its full potential. Forging ahead in the world of video technology and executing it well is a surefire way to head down the road to success. If you’re interested in keeping up with the latest video trends, our recent article will focus your attention on what matters most about it. If you’d like to read more stories about brands that are transforming their marketing through Story, Strategy, and Systems, download a free preview of my new book: Marketing, Interrupted.