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Improve Your Customers' Experience

customer meterAll too often when a company’s revenue growth has slowed, executives quickly move to reduce operating costs.   Instead, there are ways to invest in revenue growth, the key to any successful business.  One important component to increase revenue that is often overlooked when developing revenue growth plans is improving the overall Customer Experience. 

Whether you are a B2B or B2C company you need to continuously improve your customer experience across every touch point with every customer. A clearly differentiated customer value proposition educates and enables customers to make the right choice and select your product or service.

To grow your revenue you must become a “customer centric company” by creating a positive customer experience during the pre-sell, point of sale and post-sale. A customer-centric approach will add value to your company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same overall experience.
One size does not fit all, so you must know your target customer and communicate to them in ways that are most relevant to them. Some points for consideration:

  • How is your company/brand positioned and differentiated in the market/industry you serve?
  • Do you thoroughly understand your customers’ needs/challenges/expectations?
  • Is your sales organization selling products/services or do they offer customer solutions?
  • Are you actively using social media to connect and enable your customers to choose you?
  • Do you proactively follow up with customers after the sale?
  • Are your company’s products or services positioned to drive revenue growth in 2015?

Our advice is to thoroughly evaluate your customers’ experience across all touch points with your company, brands, sales, marketing and customer service.  Once you identify areas of vulnerability, you can begin to adjust to better deliver to customer expectations and improve satisfaction.  This customer mapping exercise must also be modernized to accommodate the myriad ways people interact with brands, as TopRight CEO Dave Sutton outlined in this recent webinar, “Obliterate Your Customer Processes.”

TopRight created The Customer BuyWay™ to optimize the multi-channel and platform approach in which brands are activated and managed today.

Our unique approach combines:

  • Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the infinitely more complex, multi-channel purchase process that customers face today;
  • Defining consumer needs and purchase intent at each point;
  • Identifying strategy, execution and measurement tactics for each segment;
  • Designing activation and revenue generation initiatives across channels and platforms.

tlcThe BuyWay process allows a methodical and thoughtful examination of the customer journey to identify areas of opportunity and vulnerability.  Not all customers are of equal value, nor to any two people encounter a brand in exactly the same way.  Our work with TLC Vision, the Lasik surgery provider, is a great case study – where listening to customers revealed how buying decisions were made, and allowed the team to update messaging, customize experiences and more efficiently deploy technology.

Focusing – and investing – in your customers’ experience is an imperative to moving your business up and forward into the #TopRight corner of your marketplace.

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