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It’s Suddenly A Lot More Expensive To Give These Away

Amazon released its new, improved, and more expensive Kindle DX yesterday.

We’re happy to say you can now also buy Enterprise Marketing Management for Kindle.

It will be interesting to watch the emerging competitors in the heretofore elusive e-book space now that Amazon has finally established what seems to be a beachhead. Amazon’s careful sustainability messaging that positions “paper” as the enemy, and not “books” may have been the Sophie’s Choice they were left with. Timing, too, seems right for this message to click with the mass market.

I would still like to see some slicker products in the next few years–obviously price will have to come down, but can you imagine some paper-like substrate booklet that can hold thousands of books and display each book’s text concurrently, hundreds of pages at a time?  That would be cool.

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