UnknownDoes your toddler have a Twitter handle? Maybe a logo or website of their own?  Building your child’s brand may not be as crazy as it sounds. In fact, their future success may depend on it.?? Getting found online will become more and more important. An online presence is your modern day ID.

Nowadays, picking your child’s name at birth may not be the only thing you need to choose.  Parents are acquiring social media accounts – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to name a few. They also are buying web domains based on their kids’ names. Like a company, they’re creating an identity.??”That’s really what people trade on,” says Kent Lewis, a branding expert and president of Anvil Media in Portland.  A brand is never what you say, or think you are. A brand is what others say; think, and feel you are. These days “you build your brand, younger and younger,” he emphasizes.

In this new online universe, branding could help your child start a business, get a job or get into a college. Michael Singh and his parents started creating his website when he was in eighth grade. The goal is to attract the attention on an Ivy League hockey program, like Harvard or Yale Universities. The website includes information about his academics, athletics, leadership skills, and hobbies. It links to all his social media accounts and features a professionally produced video, complete with hockey highlights and interviews with his coaches and teachers. You have to have something that sets you apart from the rest. That’s Marketing 101.

imagesHow strong is your personal “brand”? And do you see building one for your child? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight. 


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