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When You Limit Options, You Get Limited Results

creativity crayonOne of the core elements of TopRight methodology is an application of creativity to scientific marketing.  That doesn’t just mean clever creative design and writing – it means creativity in the approach to market need and segmentation.  We’ve certainly learned over time with many clients that allowing full creatvity in problem solving has to be part of the corporate culture, or all ideas will be molded to fit an existing belief or theme.

Think Kodak. The Brownie camera was truly innovative – it made photography accessible to all. It led Kodak to become a very successful company for shareholders and customers.  Many creative people worked there and did some very innovative things over the years.  Yet, today, Kodak is in receivership. They were chemists and were committed to solutions that involved film – no matter how the market moved to digital.  That limited their innovation.

Why do we limit our thinking?   It may be a learned response, or it may be the way we are asking the question about market opportunity.  A research experiment with third-graders provides some proof of why creativity goes beyond tactical application of cleverness or humor.

The project gave two groups of third graders the same assignment – to make a picture out of a triangle. When the assignment was narrowly defined, the pictures came out nicely, but not that different from each other.  When the assignment was not defined, the pictures came out wildly different – and much more creative!

Click the video below to check out the results (two minutes, and while the background music is beautiful, you can get the point if you watch it without sound):

creativity video still

It’s a very compelling idea.  Are you inadvertently limiting the thinking of your team – and your brand or market opportunity – by assuming there is a correct answer?  Could you apply some of this creativity to staff meetings, campaign management segmentations, marketing automation flows or even your product development wish list?

Opening up processes and customer experience to new levels of creativity may help you move your business to the #TopRight corner.

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