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Looking through the Lens of Your Customer’s Customer

Through-a-Lens-150x150If you are trying to land a new account, or simply trying to grow an existing relationship, a steady, well-tested approach is to understand YOUR customer’s customer.

Wow … that sounds like some catchy “marketing-speak” or “corporate talk.” But it’s true.  To get the attention of YOUR customer (or prospect), you have to completely and fully understand THEIR motivations of attracting more customers … more buyers … more revenue.

For instance, the healthcare arena is a prime target for many solution providers, including equipment, software, services and many others.  And that market does present many challenges and opportunities, due to its inherent complexity.

At first glance, it would seem that healthcare decision makers would be motivated to take action based on solving a specific business problem … such as cost savings, faster data access, improved revenue and so forth.  But TopRight client experience has shown that a “winning sales message” to healthcare prospects includes a theme that involves their customer, which is the patient.  Simply put, healthcare providers are in business for one objective: To provide quality patient care.  And it’s likely that successful marketing targeted at healthcare providers will include a meaningful reference to the well-being of their patients.

At TopRight, we see this issue time and time again with our clients.  Recently, a global leader in light metals technology was having limited success in the automotive market.  We quickly found that they were focusing too much on themselves, and failing to understand their customer’s customer – the car buyer. To turn this around, we helped them pivot and find pain points, and developed a unique value proposition that resonated better.  This approach led our client to apply similar methods to other target markets, including aerospace, construction, and industrial products.

And that scenario plays out over and over in every industry, in every business, from consumer to commercial markets; in retail, wholesale, technology, tangible goods, and services alike.  What may seem obvious isn’t always so obvious.  With our zeal and passion to solve a problem, we sometimes lose sight of what’s really important.  And that is solving the needs of our customer, whose needs and challenges almost always involve solving the challenges of THEIR customers. TopRight created The Customer BuyWay™ to optimize the multi-channel and platform approach in which brands are activated and managed today – including a full scoping of your customers’ goals and aspirations.

To get to the #TopRight, you have to understand your market all the way to the transaction level.  Success will result from understanding YOUR customer’s customer.

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