Method to Our Madness- Strategic Playbook

imagesYou’re a quarterback and you’re down by five points. It’s fourth and goal at the seven with 13 seconds remaining.  You need a touchdown for a win-you need a play! A series of questions enter your mind: Have I seen this situation before? Do I have the right personnel on the field? How might the opponent respond? What play should I call? This is when you rely on a playbook prepared by your coaching staff  before making your next move.  As in football, every business -big or small- needs a playbook.

TopRight’s Strategic Playbook process is designed to help shape the fundamental positioning and strategy of the business based on your context: as in football, where you are on the playing field determines the next set of plays. The Playbook offers an opportunity for your company to take a new look, a new focus on the core areas and drivers of your business, how you are positioned, and what the best options are, measured against specific results. The Playbook allows your organization to fully engage, understand and meet the strategic goals articulated by management.

Our unique approach combines:

  • Creating a dynamic frame of reference
  • Identifying and assessing all internal and external factors
  • Developing fresh and timely approaches to business challenges and accountability for results
  • Managing business results through change management disciplines
  • Enhancing flexibility and agility across the organization
  • “Pivoting” based on specific objectives and outcomes

Through the Strategic Playbook, there is an opportunity to design and engage in a process to achieve the benefits of alignment among all constituents, a focused strategic vision of the future, and the operational plan to get there.

imagesMake it your company’s priority to get the right people to the table, in the right positions, for the right opportunity at the right time. Tell us about your favorite play and as always stay #TopRight.

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