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Mobile Marketing Hits the Autobahn

images2We are spending 2 hours 51 minutes a day on our mobile devices. The only other media we spend more time on is TV at 4 hours and 21 minutes. This amount of increasing attention for mobiles has some big implications for advertising and marketing budgets.This mobile momentum is also partly driven by two technologies that have intersected that are both addictive and compulsive – social networks and mobile devices.

The emerging buzz about mobile marketing reveals that over the next few months we will see a massive jump in the ad spending, something the likes of which hasn’t been witnessed in over a decade. It is also predicted that digital ad spend will almost match TV by 2017 and mobile will be a big chunk of that. Here are some facts on mobile marketing that may grab your attention:

  • When they compared the mobile advertising trends of 2013 with the expected trends (based on quantitative analysis), they found out that the marketers will be spending more than 80 percent on mobile advertising as compared to the amount they was invested in 2013
  • When we compare it with the traditional advertising mediums, 2015 will see mobiles accounting for 14% of the total ad spending in US, while newspapers will witness a decline to 8.6% and magazines to 79%. The radio ads won’t fare any better at 8.2%.
  • And then you have Business Insider that comes out with equally startling figures. As per their studies, between 2013 and 2018, we are going to witness a five-year compound annual growth rate of close to 50% in the mobile advertising revenue.

Advertisers can only be expected to broadcast their products and services in the places they find their targeted audience. This lean towards mobile marketing can be attributed to the constant pursuit of better results and smaller budgets. The key here is not to over plot the ad content, but to pitch it on a medium that consumers carry with them all the time.

images1You can’t overstate the fact that the world is going more mobile by the hour and all marketers are doing is keeping up. Let us know your thoughts on the shift to mobile and as always stay #TopRight.

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