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New Report Card: Know Thyself! (and your IMM solution…)

which way road signHere’s a truism: Every once in a while it’s a really good idea to take a long, hard look at yourself.   (Not the earth-shattering marketing advice you were looking for? Just wait…)   Sure, this is true in all things, but especially true if you happen to be sitting on a very powerful and very expensive marketing automation system and your service contract is coming due in January.   If you’re like most of us, there is a brief but poignant moment of reflection when you add that particular line to annual budget, and it is usually followed by a brief and poignant prayer: “Dear Lord, I hope we’re getting our money’s worth out of this thing.”

Why do we go through this angst every year?

If it’s any comfort, you’re not alone. Research shows Top Performing organizations are almost four times more likely than Everyone Else to adopt marketing automation tools (Gleanster), which is great news. What that research doesn’t indicate, however, is how many of those companies struggle to successfully implement those tools or take full advantage of the technology. In fact, most companies we talk to who purchase a marketing automation or Enterprise Marketing Management technology find that user adoption and marketing effectiveness drop dramatically after the initial implementation—sometimes within the first six months. Sound familiar?

“But wait,” I hear you cry, “It’s not supposed to be like this! We researched; we did our due diligence; we sent out a well reasoned RFP and evaluated the answers! We sat through demos! Many demos! We chose the best IMM system for our needs that we could find.”   Yes, you did. And chances are, you bought a great tool. So how come a year later your user adoption is in the tank and you’re only using a small percentage of the system’s potential?

The reason is that software companies are only experts in their software–not in marketing and certainly not in your business.   That’s where the need for a little introspection comes in. It’s probably high time you reflect on what your marketing automation system is doing for you. Ask yourself some hard questions and then put a plan in place to wring every drop of potential out of that system.

We can help.  Here’s an easy way to start doing just that: Take a short, simple survey and we’ll create your own, personalized marketing automation Report Card. It takes less than 10 minutes but it will get you on that road to optimizing the marketing automation software you already have so when the next service cycle comes around, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting out of your system—and not just what it’s taking our of your budget.

Start with our new IMM Report Card and Stay #TopRight.


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