Now Where's That Shiny New Object


Whether it be a new type of device, new channel, or unique tactic applied in a new way, we’re always hoping for a glance into the next big thing. The key is not just to guess what new product or trend is coming, but to also decipher why it’s coming. What’s missing?  In other words, what can the next big thing do to create a new kind of experience that people (read consumers) actually want and feel ads value to their everyday lives?

Many everyday products or appliances are now, or soon will be, collecting data on you and using it to interconnect your life.  Wearable tech – those crazy bracelets that are popping up (let alone the intimate knowledge available to Google Glass) – will someday translate into your fridge telling your car you’re out of eggs and it should drive you to the store to get more eggs – or maybe not because your bracelet says your cholesterol is too high. This was science fiction only a few years ago. Not anymore.

For marketers and consumers, it now gets super intriguing because we are digitizing the last product available for mining data: ourselves, our tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes, sometimes before we are even consciously aware of them.

In this context, Bob Goodman, SVP, Director of User Experience, Arnold Worldwide suggests that the next big thing is not a device but actually a digitally enabled, personalized in-store shopping experience. Helping retailers use big data to personalize the in-store experience will be part of changing how consumers behave and spend. How? Because the data available, from your devices, to the store will now allow a retailer to truly customize your experience. The store, the experience, becomes your store, your experience.

Changing customer behavior through collecting data and transforming it into a seamless and personal experience you actually want and value? That is indeed big thing indeed that will change how marketing is done.

imagesWhat do you think the next BIG thing will be that transforms the digital marketplace? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight.


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