Podcast: Results Leader Dave Sutton

TopRight Founder Dave Sutton was on the ResultsLeader.fm podcast with Jonathan Rivera to talk transformational marketing. Click here to have a listen!

Episode title: “How do you transform your art into marketing?”

In this episode, Dave reveals how to get your story out there and give your clients a reason to care about your business. Both art and marketing tell stories, he tells us, but only marketing has a compelling strategy to engage customers to buy your stuff.

Show highlights include:
  • Why being uncomfortable with the status quo forces you to create new marketing campaigns (and how you can keep up with the times) (6:31)
  • The “Inc. 5000 Budget” that turns a marketing campaign into a windfall for your business (10:49)
  • Why deploying authentic strategic ad campaigns connects you with gobs of customers (and gives them reasons to care about your business) (11:46)
  • How distinguishing between marketing and art pulled the most famous Super Bowl ad off network television (18:09)
  • Why focusing on making people successful skyrockets your sales through marketing your brand (21:48)

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