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Red Thursday, Black Friday, Cyber Monday….Digital Reigns Supreme

question5.shoppingcartmouse2013 may well be remembered as the year online went mobile. Cyber Monday, the day widely regarded as the Super Bowl of online sales cha-chinged its way to a record day for retailers and marked a shift in shopping preferences as smartphones and tablets drove nearly a third of traffic — and for some retailers, more than half. Mobile shattered previous records on Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday at an average sales contribution of 24% and contributed to 80% growth in mobile sales. This was an increase of 34 % over Black Friday 2012.

And where there’s mobile, there’s social. Social leads are actionable opportunities in which brands can engage.  It could be someone tweeting that they’re thinking about buying a product/service or it could be someone tweeting that they’re having an issue with a brand. The fact that these conversations have actionable intent make them highly relevant to a business and present an opportunity for engagement that creates a strong relationship that could ultimately lead to a sale.

While the Adobe Digital Index (ADI) has previously reported that social media played more of an influencer role in the buying process, during the past five days $150 million in revenue came from social media referrals. Twitter referrals have grown the most with a 24% increase. Pinterest came in second with a 17% growth, and Facebook posted a 12% growth.

According to  ADI numbers (based on an examination of 3 billion visits to retail Web sites this past weekend), online sales for the five days from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday broke all previous records—a good indication that e-commerce is becoming the shopping activity of choice in today’s digital world. But most important, it highlights the importance of having a seamless, omni-channel approach that takes into account newer and more established shopping platforms when crafting a successful marketing strategy.


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