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Seasonal Trending of Key Marketing Terms


If you believe, as I do, that Google Search is the bell weather for human curiosity, then you may be interested in this quick Google Trends map below.

It shows a comparison in searches over the year 2014 between a generic term of “Digital Marketing” (purple line) and specific IMM related terms of Integrated Marketing (Blue), Marketing Process (Red) Campaign Management (Yellow) and Marketing Automation (Green).



What does this tell us, other than marketers generally were less curious about Campaign Management over the summer months? I think it shows the consistent, but not growing, interest in these areas of marketing, and lots of weekly spikes in searches, which could be due to a combination of weekly staff meeting prep, the launch of vendor whitepapers each Tuesday which may spark further research, and perhaps, an ongoing need by marketers to understand how others are being successful in these key areas of marketing success.

Certainly, TopRight customers are always seeking new information and case studies to identify opportunity and steal good ideas. It’s a great way to Stay #TopRight.

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