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The Service of Your Brand

images12It’s the season of hustle & bustle … the maddening race to find the perfect gift.  And we’ve all had “that” experience … where we simply want to get “in & out” of the store.  You know what you want … you find it … you collect your items for purchase and then BAM! … you’re stuck in a line 15 deep waiting to checkout.  And what’s worse – there are some 20+ check-out lanes sitting vacant … equipped to serve customers but yet no employees available or willing.  And so you wait …

As a marketer and a businessperson, have you ever considered the impact of the service associated with your brand?  For instance – Apple is widely recognized as a technology innovator, but ask any Apple evangelist, and it’s guaranteed that one of the key things they mention is the company’s focus on service.  Like AppleCare … appointments at the Genius Bar … and many more … these thoughtful “innovations in service” are really a material component of the brand.  And while certainly Apple is focused on maintaining a leadership position in terms of technology, it’s the service that really defines the customer experience.

Both retailers and commercial enterprises are keenly focused on gaining a competitive advantage through sophisticated products and solutions.  However, the power of an innovative approach may be overshadowed by a substandard customer experience.

How does the service of your brand stack up against your competitors?  And does your business have an ongoing focus on the customer experience?  Excellent companies pay attention to these details … before, during and after the sale.

Excellent cimages1ompanies innovate … accelerate … and serve. Excellent companies are found in the #TopRight. Let us know what you think!

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