Smell Like a Man, Man

The results are in! Last week, we asked you what your favorite Marketing FAILs and FAVEs were from this past year.

What did you say? Your FAVE was The Old Spice YouTube ads, where the face of Old Spice, Isaiah Mustafa (pictured here), answered user questions by making YouTube videos for 24 hours. The campaign had incredible user engagement, and many celebrities even chimed in asking for a video. So what was your FAIL pick? Comcast XFinity, with its terrible service and tricky new name.

What’s interesting is that both campaigns are examples of extremes in three areas: ingenuity, user satisfaction, and internal brand awareness.

Old Spice clearly thought about the target audience, considered what that audience does on a daily basis, and found a hilarious way to engage with that group.

Comcast, on the other hand, realized that many customers are extremely dissatisfied with their services. Rather than do something creative, they changed their name. And, that’s about it. Maybe Comcast and the rest of our FAILs from this year should take a page out of Old Spice’s book – be creative, know who you sell to, and know your brand.

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