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Sony Transforms Onboarding Process – in an Adobe App

apps globeApps have made fortunes (think Secret) and become ubiquitous (think flashlight), and they can even solve real business challenges (think Slack).

Sony has used the power of online apps for a clever and somewhat unusual purpose, building an internal app to onboard new employees.  As with many organizations, a new Sony employee had to navigate a lot of different documents and assets in different locations to learn both about the company and how to get things done internally.   It can be a lot of work just to understand the culture of your new employer.  The Sony team saw an opportunity to consolidate that disparate content into a cool experience, showcase their products and assets, and also present themselves as a progressive company that wants to engage and empower new employees.

According to this video case study from Adobe (about five minutes), whose tools were used to build the app, the app starts by asking users to select a region of the world and then offers localized content in the right language.  Content includes:

  • Video/welcome letter from president
  • The corporte vision and slogan – and how that comes to life in the culture and product lines
  • An interactive org chart and business unit definitions
  • A checklist for HR/benefits forms that are required by region
  • Interactive employee FAQ
  • Chat and questions forms
  • Video of the history of the firm
  • The origin of the name Sony.

In the end, Sony keeps new employees engaged through an interactive and dynamic experience.  The amount of content consumed has grown exponentially, presumably increasing new employee readiness and performance.  TopRight does a lot of process definition work to help marketers break through organizational intertia.  We know that interactive experiences are a great way to transform processes and also measure where gaps exist and user attention fades.    It’s very consistent with Sony’s brand story about technological innovation to offer a technology forward app for new employees.  That kind of alignment is a great way to stay #TopRight.


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