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Spotlight on the Cloud-Teradata

CloudWarTeradata, our next review in the cloud marketing game, is the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics. They help companies unify and analyze massive amounts of data, so companies can discover more of the things that matter most in the world around them. Teradata offers industry leading Integrated Marketing Management solutions in the following areas: Marketing Operations, Campaign Management, Digital Messaging and Marketing Analytics and Data Management. In 2011, Teradata completed its acquisition of Aprimo, a global leader in cloud-based integrated marketing software. Together, the two innovators hope to drive the future of integrated marketing, enabling corporations to optimize marketing performance with more detailed, comprehensive insights from a universe exploding with big data.

Solutions in Marketing Operations help synchronize and optimize resources for maximum efficiency by managing workflows and budgets automatically.  Campaign Management provides planning tools and performance-analysis software that enables companies to communicate the most relevant and timely messages to their target customers — in the format they respond to best. With Digital Messaging, companies can monitor campaign performance and make adjustments as needed to keep communications on point. Through Marketing Analytics and Data Management, companies can harness the power of customer data to build persuasive marketing strategies that generate sales. It also keeps an eye on business-performance patterns, customer response triggers and program effectiveness to support strong business decisions at every turn.

The combined package has put Teradata in a market-leading position in IMM. Teradata continues to build on this strong position and expand its application portfolio into other high value business applications, including those that drive insights from the ever-growing volumes of big data – a complex phenomenon that is expanding marketing opportunities with an explosive number of new data sources.

Today, marketers gain unprecedented insight and power to create differentiated customer experiences. This is the definitive sweet spot for business transformation created by the combined capabilities of Teradata and Aprimo.  imagesStay tuned next Monday as we review another stakeholder in this cloud marketing war.  Let us know what you think and as always stay #TopRight.

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