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Still Taste Great…Still Less Filling?

$(KGrHqR,!jYF!6LF7,vFBQSpBi4dPw~~60_35Throwback still rules! Miller Lite is going retro. The brand will be packaged in its original can design from Jan. 1 to March 15. The retro can is a first in a series of initiatives reinforcing that, “Miller Lite is the perfect and only beer for Miller Time,” MillerCoors said in a memo to distributors this week.

The move comes as big lite beer brands search for new ways to break through with consumers, who are increasingly turning to craft beers and spirits. The retro cans could help the brand recapture some buzz from its glory days circa 1975, when the brew’s debut took the beer world by storm, with its’ still memorable line from their TV spots:“Everything you always wanted in a beer…and less”. That campaign, the “Tastes great, less filling” campaign by McCann-Erickson, was ranked by AdAge as the 8th best campaign of the 20th century. High praise.

Can new packaging bring back that yearning which then translates into purchases by beer drinkers?  In an uber-competitive market today, very different from 40 years ago, can it convert other beer drinkers, namely, the craft beer market, to a major mass-market brand like Miller Lite? With so many things going nostalgic and retro to recapture the past as part of the positioning of some products and brands, there clearly seems to be a yearning to recapture the feelings, sentiments and wonder of years or even decades ago. Certainly marketers believe that is true. And one of the ironies of the retro movement is that what creates or builds on nostalgia – that grasping for something once there – in this case on the part of the baby boomers who remember it, is that it is actually all new for the new generations of beer drinkers.

In other words, it worked once before, when it was new. Can it be “new” again? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight.

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