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Stories about Transformational Marketing & AI

With AI, IoT, and new data requirements, the marketing landscape is rapidly changing for senior marketers. To drive marketing transformation in this new landscape, CMOs need new approaches to assess their current strategies, programs, and processes in order to be agile and adaptable for rapid change.

What better way to learn marketing transformation than to listen to marketing experts who understand the problem and have experience overcoming it. Dave Sutton’s 3S methodology melds Stories, Strategies and Systems together to help drive unprecedented levels of customer engagement, increased revenue, and better product experiences. I hope you’ll join us for a live webinar with Albert Technologies, one of the top Artificial Intelligence (AI) companies in the world, and Dave Sutton, the leading authority on Marketing Transformation and author of the new book Marketing, Interrupted.

A Live Webinar with Albert & Dave

Date:   Thursday, June 14th at 1:00 PM EDT

Featured discussion:  How you can master a 3S methodology (Story, Strategy & Systems) to harness the power of Transformational Marketing. How to formulate a successful go-to-market strategy and the importance of integrating AI into your marketing systems. *10 webinar attendees will also be selected to receive Dave’s book, ‘Marketing Interrupted.’

Albert Technologies’ product, Albert, is the world’s first and only fully autonomous digital marketer. Using enterprise-level AI platforms, Albert drives digital marketing campaigns throughout the marketing initiative for leading brands around the world. Register today for the live webinar with Dave Sutton and ‘Albert.’

A Peek at Case Studies For Review


You may have already heard me talk about Albert in Chapter 20 of my new book Marketing, Interrupted where I examined Evisu’s success story with AI. With a small online team that didn’t have the workforce to manage all of their digital marketing needs, Evisu turned to Albert for assistance. Together, Evisu and Albert were able to identify and target specific areas that needed attention as well as groups that could benefit from more specific marketing. For example, they found that engineers engaged 300 percent more with Evisu’s social media posts and were able to adjust their efforts accordingly. A significant boost in conversations followed.


AI increases timeliness in regards to speed as well as efficiency. In the case of RedBalloon’s personalization experience, they realized that they didn’t even need to research and create buyer personas since technology plowed through endless amounts of data in record time. Additionally, AI doesn’t look at current data in the terms of last year’s figures. As RedBalloon found out, Albert examines data in real-time, maximizing efficiency and productivity. Thanks to Albert, RedBalloon’s Facebook conversation rate increased by 750% in the first year of operation and now generates a $15 return for every $1 of marketing investment.

AI – Why Do It?

  • Across the board, organizations’ investments revolve around implementing customer personalization initiatives, solving people’s challenges, and assembling digital experience systems.
  • Contextual marketing engines create sticky, highly engaging environments for customer interactions. These Systems also yield proprietary data that you cannot replicate with traditional marketing methods or purchase from third-party data sources.
  • The results translate into unprecedented levels of customer engagement, increased revenue, and better product experiences.

Insights from Forrester Research

What is an AI Strategy?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) marketing strategies close the gap between clients and businesses to extents we’ve never seen before. They forge connections that were previously thought impossible, linking businesses to new audiences and measuring engagement rates in return. Most importantly though, AI means that new connections have the potential to become more meaningful, more helpful, and they make the customer happier, as they appear in just the right context.

AI marketing strategies are exceedingly beneficial because of their ability to process massive amounts of data in a few seconds. Not only does AI give speed to marketing campaigns, it also has the ability to be highly precise and guide information to targeted audiences for a hyper-personalized experience. AI forges communities, generates useful data it then implements and is constantly looking for ways to optimize.

At first, AI might seem daunting. Change can lead to failure as much as it can lead to success. The daily adaptations to the scope of artificial intelligence mean that learning about AI is just as essential to its success as implementation is. In this webinar, I will uncover how you can successfully incorporate AI into your Systems.

AI – No Longer the Future

Often listed as the “future” of marketing, Albert’s success using AI in the digital marketing world proves that AI has ceased to be the “future.” AI is the present, and if you’re not up to date, then you’re already behind. Register here to learn more about integrating AI like Albert Technologies into your systems.