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Study: Millennials Want Personalized, Mobile Experiences

mobile touchIf marketers needed more proof that the third screen is the most common place for consumption of digital experiences, including our own branded content and offers, then read on. The new Digital Democracy Survey found that nearly three quarters of U.S. consumers of every generation prefer their smartphone to any other tech device.

It’s no secret that digital consumption is shifting more and more towards mobile devices. However, this study shows that behind this trend lies an interesting transformation in the priorities of consumers: Led by the Millennials, people now want a personalized digital experience. They want to be able to access content whenever, wherever, and however they want it.

At the forefront of this trend lie the changes in the types of products that people own. The survey, covering more than 2,000 consumers, ages 14 and older in the U.S., found that while ownership of most traditional digital devices, like flat screen TVs and desktop computers, remains fairly constant, more and more consumers are purchasing new portable technologies, such as smart watches and fitness bands, each year. This movement is especially evident among Millennials. According to the survey, almost one fifth of all Leading Millennials (age 26-31) intend on buying a smart watch in the next twelve months.

Another key source of evidence for this digital trend is the way in which people view movies and TV. Astonishingly, the study found that Trailing Millennials (age 14-25) watch more TV shows and movies on their computers, tablets, and smartphones than on television. Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 3.14.22 PMThis can largely be attributed to the growth of streaming technologies. According to the survey, 57% of Millennials stream movies on a weekly basis. Among those with a streaming subscription service, the majority of people bought it because they like that it allows them to view content whenever they want (74%), wherever they want (66%), and without commercials (71%). With such power given to the consumer, it is no surprise that portable devices with streaming capabilities have become so essential in today’s digital world, especially among Millennials.

The TopRight Customer BuyWay™ methodology addresses preferences as a core component of customer connections. As this survey illustrates, the typical BuyWay™ for today’s consumers includes multiple devices, channels and touchpoints – across a matrix of messaging. As new portable and personalized technologies emerge everyday, the need to embrace such avenues will become more and more prevalent in staying #TopRight. One way to get started is to take our Digital Assessment and help identify areas of opportunity for your own integrated marketing practices.

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