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Survey: We Want to Connect with Brands Via Email

email inboxOur inboxes are overflowing, but consumers don’t seem to mind if they like the brand and find value in what is sent to them.  A recent survey from digital messaging software provider Message Systems conducted through Google Consumer Surveys found that more than half of consumers who want to hear from brands want to be connected by email.   Less than a tenth of  all respondents (9.02%) wanted to hear about coupons/discounts via text and even fewer (5.29%) wanted to hear via social.

It’s worth noting that half of respondents overall (50.08%) said they didn’t want to hear from brands at all – which is a strong reminder to all marketers that push messaging, while effective for many subscribers, can be a big brand turn-off for another large group of consumers.  I always look at survey results like these with a grain of salt.  Many marketing files have upwards of 60% of people respond at some point to some offer each quarter.  So there can’t be zero value in the messaging, despite what consumers say when you ask them in a survey. However, lest we get too complacent, there is a big experience gap between finding value in messages once a quarter and having to wade through daily overflow to get there.

The Message Systems survey also found that email is the preferred message for transaction confirmations.  Half of respondents (51.74%) said that they would think “poorly” of the brand if they didn’t get their transaction confirmation.  Another quarter (26.98%) said that the impact would be minimal.

Bottom line:  Consumers welcome email marketing and other branded messages when they are relevant and helpful.  The key to successful email marketing has always been around sending more relevant message, not just more messages.  A brand voice is key to that successful connection, as is effective use of segmentation to ensure that only the messages people care about reach their inbox.  Relevancy is the way to Stay #TopRight.


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