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Talk and Track -Put Your Best Profile Forward

images2Now that you have decided what social media outlets to use, let’s examine the keys to a good profile. Think of your profile as a landing page for your brand. This landing page is possibly the first encounter that someone is going to have with your brand, and you will want that first impression to be golden and make the visitor want to know more about you. A complete profile shows professionalism, cohesive branding, and a signal to visitors that you’re serious about engaging.

Profiles will require two parts, visuals and text:

For visuals, aim for consistency and familiarity between the outlets you use on social media. Your avatar on Twitter matches your avatar on Facebook. Your cover photo on Google+ is similar to your cover on LinkedIn. To create these images, you can consult a social media image size chart that will show you the exact breakdown of dimensions for each photo on each network. For an even easier time of it, you can use a tool like Canva, which comes with pre-built templates that set the proper sizes for you.

For text, the main area to customize is the bio/info section. Creating a professional social media bio can be broken down into six simple rules:

  • Show, don’t tell: “What have I done” often works better than “Who I am”
  • Tailor keywords to your audience
  • Keep language fresh
  • Avoid buzzwords
  • Answer the question of your potential followers: “What’s in it for me?
  • Be personal and personable

You can also spend some time examining those who do it well. Find 4 to 8 niche influencers and examine how they manage their brand on social media. Observe imagery and branding on each of their profiles. Measure key metrics like followers and engagement. images

What are you favorite profiles across social media? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight.

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