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Talk and Track-What, When & Where

images2So much of the social media experience is about your individual audience and niche. What works for some industries might not work for others. That being said, there is some pretty good data and insight about where to start. Here’s what we’ve found to be good jumping off points:

  • What should you be posting? Images are ideal. The push toward visual content has plenty of anecdotal evidence. Image posts get more views, clicks, reshares, and likes than any other type of post. And it’s not even close. Now that you know what works, you can place these different types of updates into a consistent strategy. Here are the basic five types of updates we all post: links, images, quotes, reshares and plain-text updates. Use a 4:1 strategy: use one type of post four times and then the fifth post use a different type. Also consider composing your updates in a unique way to complement each network’s own best practices, culture, and language.
  • How often should you be posting? There’s been a lot of interesting data out there about how often to post to social media. Some of the factors that might impact your specific sharing frequency may include your industry, your reach, your resources, and the quality of your updates. The social network you’re using will have its own best practices, too.
  • When should you be posting? There are many neat tools to show you the best time of day to post to Facebook, Twitter, and more. These tools look at your followers and your history of posts to see when your audience is online and when historically have been your best times to share.

So what’s someone to do who’s just starting out on these social networks, with no audience and no history? Again, this is where best practices come in. Check out this most helpful (and adorable) infographic from SumAll, which compiled timing research from sites like, Search Engine Watch, and Social Media Today. Timing-is-everything-cat-for-web

Share your own “what, when and where” strategy with us and as always stay #TopRight.

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