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Tekkie Thursday – Go Go Gadget

Some of the most shared categories on the Internet today include Food, Style and Travel. So it is no surprise to see an increase in travel oriented sites and apps to tap into the wanderlust demand.  We found two great sites that are taking Go Go to new heights.


A new startup launching today called Peek is looking to simplify how you plan trips, offering a curated, handpicked list of things to do while traveling in a new place.

According to founder Ruzwana Bashir, the average traveler will spend seven hours planning a trip and will visit more than 20 websites — not exactly efficient. Peek attempts to cut down on that search time, offering a one-stop shop to find everything you need to plan your next vacation’s activities.

The site works with the attractions it suggests, allowing you to book those events directly on Peek’s website. Once you’ve booked, Peek will send you a voucher you can print out and then use at the retailer.

Bashir says 20% of activity providers in the United States don’t have a website, and 40% don’t offer any sort of online booking. For those retailers, Peek offers them a way to book online, while making it easier for travelers to both find and book their attractions as well. While 80% of travelers search for trip activities online, only 20% actually book online — numbers Peek hopes to change.



Jetsetter (by Gilt Groupe) is a private online community that provides members with insider access, expert knowledge, and exclusive deals on the world’s greatest vacations. All of the properties they feature are hand-selected by their team of globe-trotting correspondents, and sales last five to seven days.

Jetsetter was the first flash sales site for travel, and has now outlasted much of its earlier competition. Unlike online travel bookings sites aimed at helping users find the cheapest flights and hotel rooms, Jetsetter’s angle is different. It targets not the everyday traveler, but the affluent one.

“Jetsetter customers tend to have six-figure incomes, be college-educated professionals, and they tend to come from major urban markets – New York, San Francisco, L.A., Boston, Chicago,” explains Jetsetter CEO and founder Drew Patterson. “These are people for whom travel, and their experiences in travel, are an important part of their sense of self,” he says.

Targeting the elite customer has, so far, paid off. Jetsetter now has 2.2 million members, and has sold over half a million-room nights worldwide. On the company’s website, members can take advantage of flash sales on travel, which offer savings of up to 50% off. The site runs anywhere from 20 to 40 of these sales per week. There’s also an online concierge service for bookings to help customers with travel planning.

Check the sites out and tell us what you think. Please share your favorite travel sites with us on Twitter: @suttond.  Happy Travels!

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