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Tekkie Thursday – Happiness Machine

People love free stuff and Coke’s global “Open Happiness” campaign is a testament to that. Produced by Definition 6 – the Happiness Machine video aims to connect the brand with teens and young adults outside of traditional advertising. Set in a college cafeteria, the footage captures the surprise and delight of the students as a magical Coke machine gives away multiple bottles of free Coke, sunflowers, pizza, balloon animals and an epically huge six-foot sub!

So far it has racked up over 5,000,000 views on YouTube. The only distribution sources for the video were a tweet from the Coke Twitter account and their Facebook fan page. The video finishes with an interactive call to action “Share the Happiness” alongside the question “Where will the happiness strike next?”.

According to Creative Director Paul Iannacchino “What Coke really gave away was a sense of happiness which created an emotional connection with the brand. Students involved in this video were caught up in their everyday lives, and this little moment touched them. We used free stuff to surprise people but what we gave away was happiness and a smile. The key is engagement, whether you were there or just watching, free stuff was just the catalyst.”

What do you think – does the emotional connection with the brand help reinforce the old school saying Have A Coke and A Smile?

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