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Tekkie Thursday – My Funny Valentine

Break up for a real cause.

KillSwitchThe new mobile app KillSwitch makes it easy to eliminate your ex’s entire presence on your Facebook timeline — in one fell swoop. Launching this very Valentine’s Day – Feb. 14, a.k.a. the best day of the year to enact justified revenge.

Don’t go on a De-Friending binge just yet because the caveat is you still have to be friends with your ex to use the app. Simply identify the target ex from your list of friends. The app then crawls your profile for content (photos, videos, wall posts and status updates) linked or tagged with that person’s specific Facebook ID. In the next step, you have the option to delete all the content or manually select and vanquish certain interactions.

KillSwitch promises a ton of exciting future iterations and updates. For instance, “one of the upgrades we have coming down the pipeline will attempt to predict this with a ‘Breakup Severity Slide,'” says Erica Mannherz, co-founder of ClearHart, KillSwitch’s agency. “Users can determine what content is deleted based on how bad the breakup was. Slide it one way if it was amicable, and it’ll keep group pictures with your ex, for instance. If he or she tore your heart out and ran it over with a skateboard, slide the other way and it’ll wipe ‘em all.”

Broken HeartsThe app will cost $0.99 in the App Store and Google Play, and each sale will benefit the American Heart Association of New York.

So go take a bubble bath, open a bottle of champagne and enjoy neuralyzing your FaceBook page.. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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