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Tekkie Thursday – Techno Time cAPPsule

50 ThingsAs modern technology evolves and pushes out the old, it’s fascinating to look back at what’s been replaced in the past few years thanks to tech advancements. The folks at Mozy have put together an entertaining infographic that highlights just how far we’ve come over the years and what items got the boot along the way.

Here are a few of our faves along with today’s App Equivalent:

  1. Call the theater to get accurate movie times – Fandango
  2. Develop & send off film for photographs – Instagram
  3. Check a map before or during a road trip or vacation – Google Maps
  4. Buy newspapers for “news” – Flipboard
  5. Visit a travel agent to book trips – Delta (one of many)

FandangoInstagramGoogle MapFlipboardDelta

What are some of your remembrances that have been replaced with Apps?

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