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Tekkie Thursday – Willy Wonka & The GPS Tracker

In a first of its kind promotion, KIT KAT is using cutting edge geolocation technology to track down six lucky winners across the UK and Ireland. The ‘We Will Find You’ competition will see GPS chips placed in six chocolate bar wrappers. The GPS Golden Ticket is not activated when the candy bar is opened. The winner has to turn it on. The tracker Nestle is using is “essentially mobile phone technology specifically developed for this project,” says a spokesperson. “When a winning bar is found, consumers simply pull on the tab to activate the device.”  Within 24 hours the winner will be located by a helicopter, which has a team on board to hand-deliver a briefcase containing £10,000 in cash.”

Besides the six grand prize winners, there are an additional 2,000 consolation prizes up for grabs. Buyers of non-winning wrappers can still enter promotional codes for a chance to win smaller prizes. The company also put up several thousand posters with NFC and QR codes so that players with smart phones can stay up to date with how many tickets are still available.


You can visit the Facebook Page for more details.

What do you think about this James Bond meets Willy Wonka product promotion?

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