The 10 Most Popular CRM Products

circlesIn our digital and socially connected world, it’s not enough to have customers – you also gotta have buzz!   At least that is what is suggested by this popularity survey from the software review service Software Advice, which ranked CRM solutions based on three criteria: Number of users (how many individuals regularly use the product), Search traffic (the number of times the brand/product is searched on Google each month), and Social followers (how many followers the brand/product has on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn).  The firm says that the number of users was most heavily weighted in the rankings.

The results are most interesting for the “up and coming” players who rank behind the expected top two market leaders, and for the interesting benchmarks this suggests for how B2B technology company thought leadership is followed on social media.

Since the number of users was weighted heavily, it’s not surprising that Salesforce is the most widely used CRM product of those examined, with 35% of all users, and Microsoft Dynamics is next with 10%.  However, Hubspot (7%), Insightly (7%), and Infusionsoft (6%) are close behind.

Salesforce is also the most searched for product (41% of all CRM-related Google searches each month), followed by Hubspot (6%), Netsuite (6%), and Oracle PeopleSoft (4%).

Microsoft has the biggest social following (15 million followers); Oracle is second (2.2 million), followed by SAP (1.4 million), HubSpot (1.3 million), and Salesforce (1.1 million).

See the infographic below for the full details of the survey.  And if you’re a small business looking for tips on selecting the right CRM products, check out the reviews at Fit Small Business’s website. Certainly, if a firm wants to #MoveTopRight, they need to engage customers across a spectrum of experiences – from initial research to user adoption to ongoing thought leadership.