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3 Cornerstones of Digital Marketing Strategy

The wonderful but sometimes tough thing about digital marketing is that it is always evolving. As the internet changes over time, so do online marketing tools and tactics. Strategies that were innovative in the past are now obsolete, replaced with new innovations.

For example, a decade ago keyword stuffing and other black-hat SEO tactics were effective at getting websites to rank. Today, however, quality content and authoritative link-building is the most efficient and effective strategy. With the market ebbing and flowing in the current pandemic environment, it’s critical to formulate a winning strategy first, then select the tactics to help you execute for sustained success.

Here are three digital marketing strategies that will help your brand position for the long-term.

1.  Maintain Relevance with Promotions

Giving your target audience an incentive to sample your product or access a special price promotion code will certainly encourage them to engage with your brand. Running promotions and discounts like this are not new tactics, email marketing has been used for years to offer codes and discounts to past customers to persuade them to return to buy.

Of course, some marketers become overly reliant on these tactics and end up just “renting volume,” converting the occasional prospects but not developing profitable, productive customer relationships. Focus too much on these “deals” for attracting new customers and you could end up alienating your existing customer base, or worse being seen as an irrelevant price discounter.

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. – Fred Reichheld

Conventional wisdom suggests that it’s cheaper to market to an existing customer than convert a completely new one. Online casinos are a great example of this type of digital marketing strategy, as brands such as the best online pokies Australia use sign-up bonuses and free bets to new players to make their brand stand out among the competition. But they don’t stop there. As they learn more about their customers playing habits and preferences, they create more personalized and highly relevant promotions to increase engagement.

This strategy works extremely well for the online gaming industry, as there are more people playing online casino games than ever before.

2.  Build Authenticity with Podcasts

Podcasts are an extremely popular medium due to their ease of access and the time-shifting flexibility afforded to the listener. Surprisingly, it’s a medium that is not highly saturated in most market categories. What this means is that depending on the markets where you compete, your competitors may not have tapped into this channel and you’ve got some white space to exploit.

Without trust, there can be no loyalty—and without loyalty, there can be no true growth. – Fred Reichheld

There are two main ways you can use podcasts to boost your marketing. The first is to run advertising on a popular podcast with a pre-existing audience within your niche. This helps to build credentials for your brand and increase your reach, getting your brand in front of a larger audience of likely buyers.

The second option is to create your own branded podcast. This requires a bit more work and budget, but by executing this strategy you also get the benefit of building you brand’s authenticity and earning loyalty from your target audience. A high-quality, trusted podcast with authentic content and engaged listeners can also drive more traffic to your website as people seek out more genuine information about your products and services.

3.  Establish Authority on Forums

One of the most straightforward digital strategies can be referred to as “fishing where the fish are.”  Rather than trying to cast a broad and expensive net across a market, why not go to the specific “fishing holes” where you know you are guaranteed to find your target?

On the Internet, such fishing holes referred to as a “forums.” There are various forum websites on the internet where any number of product and service offerings are being discussed every day. Forums are not places to sell, they’re places to listen, learn and inform. This is where people go to seek authoritative reviews and perspectives on what’s real, what’s fake, what’s hip and what’s hype. So, to build an authoritative position for your brand, you need to have a voice in the forums that are relevant for your brand.

The aim of marketing is to reduce the need for selling – Phil Kotler

Forums are an open place for people to share information and opinions, so hop on a thread and use your knowledge and content to help people and to build your authority. Forums are often used to ask questions, so replying to queries directly can help boost your reputation and brand awareness as users begin to learn about your product or service. But remember, your purpose in the Forum is not to sell—your purpose is to inform, educate, build trust and establish your credibility.

Relevance, authenticity and authority are the cornerstones of winning digital marketing strategies. If you can find the right balance and execute with ruthlessness consistency, your customers will listen, engage, buy and most importantly, stay with you. If you’re looking for more tips on transforming your customer experience and creating winning digital strategies, subscribe to the TopRight blog! Or connect with me on Twitter and on LinkedIn.  You can learn more about how to bring simplicity, clarity, and alignment to your brand’s story, strategy, and systems in our best selling book: Marketing, Interrupted.