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The Brand New Week – Bringing New Things To Life

We have all experienced the power and effectiveness of Social Media for B2C brands.  Now it’s B2B’s turn.  Let’s explore a brand that may seem unexpected as a social media warrior: GE. In an interview with B2B Magazine Linda Boff, executive director-global digital marketing at General Electric Co. claims, “Social Media isn’t just for consumer brands, 90% of B2B decision-makers say they consult social media in the buying process.”

We used the mantra “business is social’ increasingly at GE,” Boff said, but she cautioned that ambitious social media marketing initiatives are not reserved for corporate giants. “Social is accessible no matter how big your company is.”

Here are 3 examples of how GE is putting its imagination to work in social media:


GE ran a contest “The Next GE Instagrapher”.  Almost 4,000 Instagram photos were submitted with the designated hashtag #GEInspiredMe and then posted to Facebook, where fans voted for the finalists. A team of judges selected the winner from the finalists and the winner was flown to Wales to photograph an aviation facility. Photos had to be inspired by or be reflective of one of GE’s four areas of innovation: Moving, Building, Curing, or Powering.  Not only was GE able to get fans involved with multiple social platforms, the company was also able to get people excited about its turbine engines.


Not only does GE have a board specifically devoted to spoofing the “Hey Girl” meme but it also has an “Archive” board that gives a visual history of the company’s products through the years. They also have amazing boards where they’ve posted all the fan photos taken during their #GEInspiredMe and #WhatWorks campaigns, leveraging and featuring user-generated content – the basis for a great Pinterest page.  The page reinforces the brand message- #Pinning things that inspire us to build, power, move and cure the world.

HealthyShare Facebook App

To help spread the cancer prevention message, GE is supporting the #GetFit campaign through its recently launched HealthyShare Facebook App. HealthyShare is a new tool on Facebook for people to share health goals, track progress against goals and use friends as sources of inspiration and motivation toward better health. The app features new challenges that encourage users to get fit and live a healthier lifestyle. The specific #GetFit challenges, updated weekly, will engage users to maintain a healthy lifestyle in ways that can help prevent cancer. The app can be shared with friends who will become a part of the journey to better health by following progress, providing encouragement and even participating alongside each other.

What other B2B brands do you think are running successful social media campaigns?  Tell us why…

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