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The Brand New Week – Soul Plane Jane

Shall we shag now or shall we shag later…

Virgin America airlines is introducing a new service that helps you hit on fellow seatmates. Passengers can find their crush (victim) on a digital seat map and swipe their credit card to order him or her a drink through the airline’s Red in-flight entertainment system. They can then follow up with a text message using the seat-to-seat chat function.

Voila, love connection. Right? 

However, like every single scene in Austin Powers, there is a conflict between the swinging attitude and altitude of the 1960s that Richard Branson and Virgin spend millions every year trying to associate with their brand, and the reality that is 2013.

As the comment on YouTube video points out, “Because hitting on people in an enclosed space where nobody can possibly leave if they’re made to feel uncomfortable for several hours is obviously a really good idea…”

But hey, maybe you’re a smooth English billionaire who never hears a complaint when you randomly hit on strangers. In that case, this idea might just make sense.

What do you think?  Could you meet your soul mate on a soul plane?

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