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The Brand New Week – The Super Bowl Super Brands

From Monday morning quarterbacking to armchair MadMen(ing), America loves the Super Bowl and its much-hyped commercials. 108 Million strong tuned in to the 3rd most watched telecast ever. Here is our Brand ranking.

TopRight Top 5 Super Bowl Ads

1. Best Buy – Asking Amy
ask amy












2. Coca-Cola – Security Cameras

coke security camera












3. Budweiser – Clydesdales

budweiser clydesdales















4. Taco Bell – Viva Young

taco bell viva











5. Tide – Miracle Stain

miracle stain












Super cube 2013



Honorary Cubes are awarded to:

Soda Stream for – Best performance in a non-aired commercial

Oreo for – Best use of social media in a black outOreo Twitter

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