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The Future of IT-Enabled Sales and Marketing is NOW

Evolution of TechnologyBefore you read any further, I would like you to take a look around you. Where is your phone? What about your laptop, tablet and smart watch? You are certainly using one of these devices to read this article, but my guess is that the remaining devices are close by. Am I right?

When asked to attend the The Future of IT-Enabled Sales and Marketing event hosted by Tectonic, I was thrilled for the opportunity to hear many different speakers present on the evolution of technology and what the future may look like for our society. What I did not know walking into the J.W. Marriott in Buckhead Atlanta was exactly how much I was about to learn. Each speech given on May 14th and 15th was so extraordinary it made me want to pass along the experience to others. Salesforce Senior VP, Peter Schwartz, captivated the room when he spoke.

Today we live in a world of rapid innovation, and technology is only getting more advanced and smarter. Hence, the “smart” watch. Peter Schwartz says this is due to the fact that “as knowledge changes, the future of business changes along with it.” And he is absolutely right. The Millennial Generation is finally making their way into the world of business themselves, and they are beginning to have real power when it comes to business decisions and new technologies. These ideas are coming from people who grew up around more technology than there was before their time, so it is only natural for them to continue innovating with the advancing technological world around them. Schwartz says, “The era of self-driving vehicles is already beginning to hit, and there will come a day when people look back at how we drive cars like we look back at how people used horses as ways of transportation.”

Peter Schwartz vividly remembers the day his father brought home their first television back when they began to come out in the 40’s. Later on, color was introduced to television. Today, there are more choices than ever before as far as picture, sound, size, and shape are concerned, because technology has changed again and again. As remarkable things make breakthroughs like Netflix, Hulu, and U-Verse, competitors are continually forced not only to respond, but to respond with something far better. We are continually competing with our competitors as well as with ourselves. Think about it. You release a product that hits huge in the market, and your competitor is already creating something better. This means that you always need to be at least two steps ahead of yourself. That is the only way to keep up and not fall behind in the technological era we live in today.

We as a world of innovators are not satisfied with just staying on par in our respective industries. Instead, more and more of us are striving to surpass that ‘expected mile marker’ and surprise the world around us. To do this, we must take full advantage of our resources. Take the idea of 3-D printing as an example. Except, this is not just an idea anymore, it’s a reality. It is becoming a new way to produce many products such as shoes and even cars all at a marginally cheaper price and at high levels of intelligence giving the consumer exactly what they want. Taking advantage of materials, which are continually improving, makes the outcome of 3-D printing all that more successful.

Schwartz continued to speak about the many different areas in which today’s technology has benefitted society, and he spoke of the huge help it has had on locating subjects of crime in particular. He brought up the Boston Marathon Massacre as an example. There were so many videos and pictures taken during the event, which made locating the bombers quick and accurate. Peter Schwartz says, “Thanks to today’s technological advances in analytics, that idea of ‘privacy’ was a 20th century phenomenon that has come and gone.”

We here at TopRight strive for forward thinking and continued innovation in everything we do. This is the first in a series of reports from Tectonics’: The Future of IT-Enabled Sales and Marketing event that TopRight CEO Dave Sutton presented at on May 15th.

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