Three Traits of a "Transformative CMO"

As organizations strive to set themselves apart from competitors, marketing has taken on new prominence throughout the business process. We believe, as do most other observers, that the days of marketing-as-brand-builder and customer-targeter are a thing of the past. Today, marketing is actually involved with transforming how business is done, and it all starts with the CMO. Another key point—albeit not unique—it makes is that CEOs and corporate boards are scrutinizing marketing activities with unprecedented analytical intensity.

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According to executive search firm Korn Ferry, a “Transformative CMO” is marked by these characteristics and core competencies:

1. Creating the new and different: The ability to generate new ideas and breakthroughs requires vision, creativity, and broad interests and knowledge.

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2. Focusing on action and outcomes: Transformative CMOs must possess the potent combination of attacking everything with energy—while also keeping an eye on the bottom line.

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3. Inspiring others: Building motivated, high-performing teams—or even moving an entire organization to perform at a higher level—demands a compelling vision, commitment, and superior communication.

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These are unquestionably a very different set of core competencies for CMOs than those that might have been enumerated five or ten years ago.

Does this ring true with you?

Are you seeing more focus on “soft” competencies such as these to help your company #MoveTopRight?


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Photo Credit(s): The Transformative CMO Webinar via Forbes Insights and Anaplan

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