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Throwback Thursday – Billions and Billions of Programs

PBS: The Movie, a PBS Meets The Avengers parody short

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Steven Hudson of Cinesaurus, who produced this excellent nerd short, says:

It seems that we live in a world where more young people aspire to be future Kardashians and Jersey Shore-folk rather than scientists, teachers, and artists. With recurring threats of tossing PBS onto the federal chopping block, the final hope for our future rests in the hands of our childhood PBS superheroes. Carl Sagan recruits Mister Rogers, Bob Ross, and Bill Nye the Science Guy to form a team that must free young minds from the shackles of reality television. Think PBS meets The Avengers.

With over 450 channels now available (on Uverse at least) the plethora of mindless junk to fill our days has proliferated.  If content is king – why don’t we demand better edutainment. The PBS brand stands the test of time for quality educational programming while the ironically titled TLC (The learning channel) gives us “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” and “Hoarding: Buried Alive”.

How can we bring back creativity and innovation without inspiration and education?  Let us know what you think @suttond

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