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Top 10 Most Popular Marketing Articles of 2018

In the spirit of the New Year, we at TopRight spent some time taking stock of the past year. What worked well, what didn’t, and what should we do more or less of in the next twelve months? When it comes to blogging, the answers are often surprising—some unsuspecting little pieces were enormously successful, while other ripe fruits simply withered on the vine and fell away without much of an explanation.

No matter. We hear you, dear readers. The analytics of page views on LinkedIn and Google don’t lie! (Or do they?) Altogether, our annual review of the posts has revealed an overarching interest in a few choice topics: email marketing is a popular subject, for instance, as are La Croix sparkling water, how to develop a strong brand story, and the process of finding your purpose. You can be sure we will revisit these ideas sooner rather than later. And not just because you want more, but because we enjoyed writing about them and we have plenty more to say. Stay tuned!

In any event, we get the feeling that 2019 is going to be a ton of fun—don’t you? We’ve got a lot in the works already—we’re just energized, jazzed, hyped up, looking for a good time. Poring over the old posts was both informative and fun, like reading from a teenage journal or coming across an old family photo album. It was also motivating, and strangely enlightening. We recommend it! Most of all, though, it reminded us that the past matters, and that you can’t really know where you’re going unless you think a little bit about where you’ve been.

So—here’s to the future! Starting with number 10, take a gander at the ten most-read (and still relevant!) TopRight posts of 2018:

10. Your Brand Story Should be a Library Selection

9. Be a Purpose-Driven Brand

8. 5 (Surprising?) Marketing Trends that Will Continue to Blow Up in 2019

7. The Art and the Science of Customer Experience Management at Bear Naked Granola

6. Eagles Fly High—But Which Brands Scored in Super Bowl 52?

5. 3 Ways that Luxury Brands Can Innovate

4. Great Brands Make Customer Service a Marketing System

3. Marketing that Doesn’t Look Like Marketing: The LaCroix Story

2. 5 Marketing Trends to Watch in 2018

1. 4 Tactics You Need to Know for an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

Thanks for reading. Come back next week for more insights. This month we’ll be posting some interesting material on the retail sector and how digital marketing is changing it. To learn more about TopRight, go ahead and download the 3S Playbook for Transformational Marketers here or check out a preview of Dave Sutton’s new book Marketing, Interrupted here.