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TopRight Partners Announces U.S. Partnership with BrandSystems


TopRight Partners Announces U.S. Partnership with BrandSystems
Offers Strategic Services for Managing Digital Assets &
Marketing Budgets, Plans & Projects

January 29, 2015; Atlanta, GA: TopRight Partners, a leading strategic management consultancy, announced today a partnership with BrandSystems, a high-growth marketing resource management (MRM) software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider for mid-sized companies. The broad BrandSystems solution is again this year named a “Visionary” in the Magic Quadrant for MRM Companies from leading analyst firm Gartner, which highlights its easy-to-use and intuitive tools for managing all five competencies of MRM: planning and financial management, creative production management, DAM (Digital Asset Management), marketing fulfillment, and reporting.

Many midsize marketing departments feel that MRM tools are out of their reach, and so they waste precious time and treasure tracking projects, creative assets and budgets manually. “Not only is that a very inefficient use of brainpower, it’s very hard to take timely action based on real learnings – which puts the marketing department even further behind,” said TopRight CEO Dave Sutton. “We are delighted to be the leading partner for bringing BrandSystems to the U.S. market, where we apply our step-by-step methodology to help marketers adopt and optimize the right technology for their business success and market dominance.”

Founded in Stockholm and with more than 300 customers around the world, the BrandSystems Marcom Manager product has helped marketers save time and earn higher ROI, according to current users.   “Too many marketers are still managing their planning and budgeting using spreadsheets, and now there is an accessible and comprehensive tool for managing marketing operations in a modern, collaborative and actionable way,” said Fredrik Angelo Lindqvist, SVP of Marketing & Sales for BrandSystems. “With TopRight Partners as a certified solution partner, we can now deliver Marcom Manager, combined with the TopRight strategic competence and execution power, to those U.S based marketing departments that are looking for ways to increase their business performance.”

Marketers can schedule a demo and learn more about BrandSystems at www.brandsystems.com.

About TopRight Partners

TopRight is an Atlanta-based strategic marketing consulting firm that helps clients move their business up and forward in their competitive frame – to corner the markets where they choose to compete.  Bringing prominent management consultants together with Fortune 100 senior marketing executives, TopRight delivers strategy, creativity, execution, and analytics that drive business performance. For more information, visit www.toprightpartners.com or follow @toprightpartner


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