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TopRight Trends Series: 5 Digital Marketing Trends to Spot in 2015

Happy New Year!  To help us all gain a bit of perspective on the opportunities ahead, TopRight team members have identified key trends in our major practice areas.  This is the first in a series on 2015 marketing trends.

2015 trendsIt’s that time again… predictions for the coming New Year on everything from the Academy Award and Superbowl winners to Summer gas prices and the Dow.

We at TopRight are taking a shot at the future of digital marketing, identifying five key trends that could make a big impact in 2015.

  1.  Mobile isn’t part of the experience, it IS the experience. More than 1 billion people will access the Internet from mobile devices in 2015. Brands will risk all of their equity if the mobile experience that customers view is anything less than simple and sophisticated. Add the newness of mobile pay to the small screen, and you better have you’re “A” game on display.
  2. Wearables are about to get real. Remember when IPods tipped, and everyone not living in a cave had one? The adoption of smart watches, health monitors and VR devices will be twice as fast. Technology will be part of every second of every day, and 2015 is the year that businesses must start planning to incorporate their products into customers’ daily lives.
  3. Your life will get smarter. Smart TV’s, smart homes, smart cars… Technology is getting very personal, setting the temperature of your house, the colors of your mood, and the reading of your email. Much of this has already been introduced, but the popularity of consumers managing their ecosystems will be on the rise and prices will fall as the laggards start buying.
  4. Predictive data will be managed better. For the last several years big data and analytics have been put to good use to re-target and re-market consumers. Keep your eye on the next wave of advertising – digital ads served to you before you start searching for a product or service. How? Years of history and profile building lead to a highly predictable possibility that it’s time for a new car, shoes, or toaster.
  5. Truly amazing content will come from anywhere. As more consumers’ take to their GoPro’s and self-publishing tools, the quality of production will turn the content world upside down. The X-factor of brands, visual storytelling, is in the hands of anyone. Everyone has the capacity to be a brand evangelist. Brands will need a response plan for every possible influencer scenario.

What are your thoughts on how strategic marketing, advertising, and technology will be utilized by brands in the New Year? How do you plan to do business in the Top Right of your industry? We’d like to hear from you. Wishing you a New Year filled with health, prosperity, and happy customers. Stay #TopRight


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