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TopRight’s Top Three Productivity Hacks

Keeping up with the latest news, information, industry trends, insights, etc. can be time-consuming. In fact, it can be all-consuming – and that’s not surprising when you consider that we consume, on average, about 6.9 million gigabytes of information per day—the equivalent of nine DVDs worth of data each day!

As such, I’m always seeking productivity hacks – apps that help me do more in less time. So when it comes to collecting, sorting and sharing content that matters to me, here are my top three tools:

Feedly – “A single place for all the knowledge you rely on to think, learn, and keep ahead.”

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Aggregate blogs and publications, YouTube channels, Google Alerts, and internal company content to quickly view the latest and most relevant news that you care about. The feeds can be organized into topics and content can be shared across social media channels. Content is delivered in customizable views based on popularity, topic, and date published. Feedly offers 200+ third-party apps, powerful integrations with team collaboration tools, and has plenty of productivity hacks.   

Pocket – “Save, discover, and recommend the stories that matter to you.”

See an article you want to read but don’t have the time? This is the perfect app to capture content when you’re on the go. Not only does it integrate with over 1500 apps and across web browsers and technology platforms but you can also read the saved content without an internet connection. This is a great app to help reduce mental clutter and maintain a single place for content you’re interested in reading. Get Pocket here and learn How to Use Pocket Like a Pro.

Newsle – “Never miss an article about someone who matters to you.”

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Stay in-the-know when someone in your LinkedIn network makes the news. This is an excellent tool to cut through social media noise and receive alerts on real news stories about your contacts. I’ve found this tool to be incredibly helpful to cultivate and maintain relationships. Newsle was purchased by LinkedIn in 2014. Signup for Newsle here.  

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