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Marketing Interrupted is a new book on Transformational Marketing by Dave Sutton.

Transforming Marketing with My New Book, “Marketing, Interrupted”

If you’ve been following along, we have written quite extensively since we first introduced the concept of transformational marketing in May of 2016 (188 blogs, but who’s counting?).

The concept of redefining how your customers experience you, understand you, and interact with you has always been at our core. Since we  founded TopRight in 2007, we have always known that if you want to reach the top right quadrant of market performance you need to have:

  • A simple story
  • A clear strategy
  • Your systems in alignment to execute on your brand’s promise

Today, I’m excited to announce the next step on our journey to help business leaders transform marketing and move to the top right.


With my latest book, Marketing, Interrupted, I share the stories of business leaders across a variety of industries who are driving significant transformation within their company on behalf of their customers.

This book explores the challenges marketing leaders face and reveals how they are approaching change in a very different way – sometimes in ways that seems counterintuitive, or even a little crazy! For the reader, my goal is to challenge you as marketers, advertisers and leadership teams to think differently and change your ways.

Marketing, Interrupted gives you a front row seat to watch the practice of transformational marketing in action.  In this story, the marketers are the heroes.  They align Story, Strategy and Systems to give their customers a reason to care, a reason to listen, a reason to engage, a reason to buy, and most importantly, a reason to stay and advocate for the brand.  Here is a sneak peek:

Exclusive Look into Marketing, Interrupted: Chapter 1

Think about where Netflix started versus where they are now. Without the transformational thinking of CEO Reed Hastings, would the company have been able to change from DVD rental to online video streaming to creating their own content?

Fortunately for Netflix, Hastings is a transformative leader, and as such, he always keeps his eye on the future. Introducing video on demand or streaming services for Netflix was not a question of “if” but “when.”  Now Netflix produces tremendously popular original productions that are not only winning awards, they have accelerated the transformation of Netflix once again into the world’s 10th-largest revenue-producing Internet company.

Excerpt from Chapter 1: Why Marketing Must Change

When Reed Hastings launched Netflix in August 1997, he was quoted as saying at the time that his goal for the business was, “not to provide DVD rentals through the Internet, but rather to allow for the best home video viewing for its customers.”  What an amazingly prescient statement from the founder of what is today the world’s 10th-largest revenue-producing Internet company…

The Netflix brand story was simple and clear: greater video selection, more convenient than traveling to a video rental outlet and no late fees. Hastings was one of the first to see that the ability to personalize the shopper experience was a unique characteristic of the Internet. Hastings proclaimed that “if you can otherwise do it offline, people won’t pay for it online. If our Internet offering was going to be better than retail stores, we had to find something stores couldn’t do well.”

This except shows Hastings is not just thinking about how he can do things differently. Hastings is thinking about the customer in a way that had never been seen. Some called him crazy, but sometimes the only way to stay succeed is to go a little crazy.

If you read my first book, “Enterprise Marketing Management: The New Science of Marketing”, you’ll be familiar with my deep-dive analysis approach. My hope is that I can shine an informative light on how successful brands tell truly transformational stories within their organization. Don’t take my word for it…

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What is transformational marketing?

Transformational marketing is the process of transforming how people experience your brand through our 3S methodology. Transformational marketers work tirelessly to discover and craft the right Story, the right Strategy, and the right Systems…in that order. And it begins with both the customer and their destination in mind.

Simplicity in Story – It all starts with why you do what you do, why that matters to your customer and how you deliver that value to them – and how that empowers your audience, which shapes and defines everything about you – and your position in the market. Simplicity in your story is critical.

Clarity in Strategy – Clarity speaks to the “what” of your story. What is it that you are actually doing? What is the value of your products and services? What impact will you achieve for your customers? Once you have your story, you need to make sure it connects with your audience – in formats that they consume, through messages they seek and at each stage of their journey.

Alignment in Systems – Alignment sounds easy but is quite difficult to achieve, and even more difficult to sustain. You need complete and total alignment of your organizational systems to deliver your message across all customer touchpoints and execute the strategy successfully. Systems alignment is about defining and aligning the people, processes and technologies needed to operationalize the strategy and measure the outcomes.

This is Transformational Marketing.  This is how you move to the TopRight—the right Story, the right Strategy, the right Systems—all measured by looking through the lens of Simplicity, Clarity, and Alignment. And it requires ruthless focus and consistency throughout your entire organization, both internally and then externally.