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The Gift of a Good Story

954777_676759122352469_597587679_nIt seems everyone in the advertising and marketing world has locked on to the notion that brand storytelling is the latest and greatest thing. Storytelling is nothing new. What’s new are the dynamic and interconnected platforms in which stories can be told. We live in the speed-of-light-digital-age with exploding technologies, media channels shrinking attention spans, and ever more consumer control over what they allow into their heads (and hearts).

The power of a brand’s story lies in a singular idea anchored in shared values between brand and audience. A strong brand story will outlive any advertising or promotional campaign. Brands tell many sub-stories over time which are nuanced for various audiences as the business grows. To remain relevant and credible, brand owners must be guided by a strategic story platform that brings audiences ever closer to the brand’s core truth and proposition. Persuasion and selling have been replaced with emotional and community connection.

TrueMove, a Thai mobile company, is the latest advertiser to promote Kleenex along with their own message. The story opens with a noodle chef coming to the rescue of a young boy with a sick mother and closes with an unexpected reward for the chef and his daughter 30 years later.  Beautifully shot and edited, it has almost 6 million hits in just a few days and the numbers are climbing. This spot is the true definition of “going viral”. As the story fades, the reveal of a tagline, Giving is the best communication is shared with the audience, as if it even mattered. Some of the most memorial marketing transcends product messaging and becomes stories about people. Have you shared this latest viral sensation? Let us know and as always stay #TopRight.

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