How TV Shows Breakdown Barriers and Unite Us

Let’s talk about something we can all agree on: our favorite TV shows!

Although the political environment is stormy, we can all unite over our favorite shows. Let’s look at studies conducted by ePoll Research to see what television shows both Liberals and Conservatives prefer.

We used E-Score Programs-Broadcast to uncover the favorite shows of each political party and elements of shows they agree on. — ePoll, TV Across Political Lines

Programs preferred by each group garner high Excellent ratings for the proprietary program elements Program Characters, Program Relationships, and Idea for Program.

Understanding the content your audience consumes can help your brand create more engaging and relevant customer experiences. Identifying common interests across parties can help your brand appeal to a wider audience, as well as inform the channels in which you invest your advertising budget. For example, if your target audience is primarily Conservative, it’s probably not in your best interests to place a large amount of ad spend on Empire.

This Is Us and NCIS are the only two shows that both got on the top 5 lists for both sides.

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Photo credit: ePoll

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